What Will I Learn?

  • You’ll learn to configure IPv6 on Cisco routers
  • You’ll gain extensive understanding of Subnetting for IPv6
  • You’ll learn to configure IPv6 routing

Curriculum For This Course

IPv6 Tutorial Class 1
IPv6 Tutorial Class 2
IPv6 Tutorial Class 3
IPv6 - Static and Default Routing
IPv6 - Dynamic Routing - Riping
IPv6 - Dynamic Routing - OSPF (V3) and EIGRP

Instructor : KUSHAL KABI

My greatest joy lies in training aspiring students and professionals gain necessary domain knowledge on IPv6. This video on IPv6 training course on is an important part of various CISCO Written and Lab exam. I’m glad to share my technical knowledge with students and professionals who wish to upgrade to the next level and earn the CISCO certifications.

Contact No: +91 7890466296

Email: kushalkabi@bvcouncil.com


You need to have some basic knowledge about Networking


IPv6 is the latest internet protocol that every aspiring networking professional must learn. The phasing out of IPv4 by several companies has made it mandatory that you acquire complete knowledge on IPv6. This addressing system is easier compared to IPv4 and even beginners can master it after completing our video course.